【FX-1】External Two-Way Full-Range Speaker

The FX-1 adoptsItalyprofessional driver, and it is suitable for top nightclub and large bar. For adopting top neodymium drivers, the speaker has greater magnetic flux and energy product. As a result, under a continuous high-power working state, the speaker can still maintain a strong and dense low-frequency, while reducing the weight of the cabinet, so it is easy to hang or install. The FX-1 is good to use in hall as the main sound reinforcement, and it is more suitable for theatre, multi-functional hall and auditorium, etc.

Type:15"external tow-way full range speaker
Unit Configuration:15″(380mm) neodymium woofer, 3″(75mm) neodymium driver,
1″(25mm) throat,2.5″(65mm) voice coil
Frequency Response:50Hz-20kHz
Power Handling:HF:110W, LF:700W
Sensitivity:HF:108dB, LF:99dB
Maximum SPL:140dB
Nominal Impedance:HF:8 ohms, LF:8 ohms
Dispersion Angle:22.3°(H) × 60°(V) (revolved)
Dimensions(mm):450 x 820 x 655 (WxHxD)
Net Weight (kg):52