【U1800】Wireless Micro Pro

DMX  U1800 wireless microphone impresses users with its wireless design and shiny alloy coat. Not only helps the microphone show elegance, modernity and sophistication, but also increases durability, protects internal components from external influences such as drops, strong impacts.

DMX U1800 wireless microphone is the world’s first microphone with auto-locking I-R . function. This is a special strength and also the point that makes the U1800 microphone so favored. When the user presses the button, the microphone will automatically lock the channel to operate correctly, without causing any technical interruptions or risks.

Microphone Specifications

Carriver Frequency:UHF 640-690 MHz
Frequency Stability:±0.01%
Max Tx Power: 30mW
Spurious Emission: < 40dBc
Maximum Deviation:±40kHz
Harmonic radiation:<-63dBm S/N Ratio:> 90dB
Dynamic Range:≥ 90dB
Frequency Response:50Hz-15kHz
Power Supply:DC 3V AAA*2
Declaration of Conformity: This Product complies with Normal Test Conditions and Extreme Tes

Received pecifications

Carriver Frequency Range:UHF 640-690 MHz
Frequency Steadying:±10ppm
Mobile State Range:-90dB
Modulation Mode:FM/PLL
Frequency Response:40Hz-13000Hz
S/N Ratio:≥85dB
F/N Ratio:>85dB
P/N Ratio:>85dB
Service Areas:≥ 50m
Receiver Power Supply:DC 12V