【T Series】T-3000 & T-6000

T-3000:1500Wx2 / 8Ω

T-6000:1500Wx4 / 8Ω

T-3000 T-6000

The DMX T seies is a range of  high output power amplifiers and design for DMX CLA Touring speakers application. T-series introduces new class D amplifier technology offering smooth and responsive handling with massive power output while maintaining DMX famous sonic integrity.


1,High slew rate ≥40v/μs

2,Damping Factor  ≥600(100Hz)

3,High utilization rate of electrical energy,as high as 90%

4,Class D technology reduce heat , good heat dispersion design to improve reliablity

5,Flexable working voltage range from 150v-260v

6,Individual power supply. When all channels are working in high power output, they didn’t affect each other and ensure the consistency of channel.




8 Ohm

1500W X 2

1500W X 4

4 Ohm

2500W X 2

2500W X 4

2 Ohm

2500W X 2

2500W X 4

Frequency Response (1W, 8 ohms):

10 Hz ~30 KHz +/- 1dB

Slew rate (4 ohm load):


Damping coefficient (10 Hz ~400 Hz):


Signal/Noise (20Hz ~20KHz):


Total Harmonic Distortion (0.1W~full power):


Intermodulation distortion (0.1W~full power):








Perfect reliability protection measures can not only protect the power amplifier itself from damage, but also protect the speaker system connected to it from damage.

1. Output short circuit protection
When the external load system of the power amplifier is short-circuited (the protection threshold is less than 1.0 ohm), the digital power amplifier prohibits power output.
After the short-circuit fault is eliminated, the power output will be automatically restored immediately.

2. Overheat protection
The power amplifier always works within the limited temperature range, if the ambient temperature exceeds the specified value, the output power will be automatically reduced
(The working state at this time is called the power compression state), so that the temperature inside the machine is gradually reduced, and it will not automatically reset until the temperature inside the machine drops below 75 degrees to a safe level.

3. Clipping protection
When the input signal is too large or there are large peak levels in the signal, in order to prevent signal clipping from damaging the speaker (especially
Tweeter) system, the machine is equipped with an automatic limiter protection circuit, so that the excessive input peak signal is automatically limited, not
Signal clipping occurs.

4. Long-term output power limitation
When a continuous non-music signal is input for a long time, in order to prevent damage to the power amplifier and speakers, the power amplifier will automatically attenuate the input signal.
number, limiting the output power.

5. DC output protection
If there is a large DC voltage in the output signal, in order to protect the low frequency speaker from damage.

6. AC power protection
When the power supply voltage exceeds the normal power supply range of the power amplifier, the machine will automatically shut down.