【SUB-218B】2X18” Subwoofer

The SUB-218B adopts Italy woofer. It adopts two 18” woofers, which can provide powerful low frequency sound pressure output. The submergence of bass is ultra deep, so it produces solid and strong bass with elasticity. With DMX full range speaker, the SUB-218B becomes a high spot in bar or club.
The cabinet of SUB-218B adopts European plywood. It is easy and convenient to install and move because of the handle positions and castors. It is suitable for bar, DISCO hall, KTV room and multi-functional hall, etc.

Type:2×18” subwoofer
Transducer:2x 18″(460mm) ferrite woofer
Frequency Response:35Hz-180Hz
Rated Power RMS:2000W
Maximum SPL:138dB
Nominal Impedance:4Ω
Dimensions(mm):560x1070x780(W X H X D)
Net Weight(kg):103