【SUB-18B】18” Subwoofer

The SUB-18B is a subwoofer that adopts custom Italy woofer. The cabinet structure is designed with jet stream and airbag power principle. With a 18” woofer, it forms an abundant low frequency sound pressure output. The bass is strong and full of power.
The cabinet of SUB-18B adopts European birch wood. The internal structure adopts symmetric strengthening design, so the cabinet is very firm.
The SUB-18B is suitable for small place with a high demand for bass, such as KTV room.

Type:18” Subwoofer
Transducer:18″(460mm) ferrite woofer
Frequency Response:38Hz-180Hz
Rated Power RMS:1000W
Maximum SPL:135dB
Nominal Impedance:8Ω
Connection:2xSpeakon NL4