【KX Series】Professional 3CH Power Amplifier

1. Professional three-channel power amplifier, ① and ② channels are full-frequency amplification, sweet sound, suitable for driving mid-high frequency speakers; 3-channel power is strong, suitable for driving ultra-low frequency speakers, low frequency performance is thick, clean, and flexible.
2. New 2U chassis, three-channel circuit design.
3. Unique and efficient four-fan suction and exhaust heat dissipation design.
4. High-grade aluminum alloy integrated cast aluminum panel.
5. The unique power output circuit has a larger dynamic range of voltage, smaller harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion, and makes the power output transistor work in a safe area, greatly improving reliability.
6. An independent large-capacity toroidal transformer is used to make the output power stronger and the intermodulation distortion smaller.
7. Perfect protection functions, including thermal protection circuit specially designed for emitter amplifier tube, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, overheat protection, DC protection, input voltage limit protection, etc.

Model     8 ohm, 1KHZ, 0.1%THD    4 ohms, 1KHZ, 0.1%THD
KX-508   2X500W+800W                 2X675W+1200W
KX-612   2X600W+1200W               2X900W+1800W
KX-812   2X800W+1200W               2X1200W+1800W