Ultra-thin Active Line Array Speaker System
The ELA series active line array loudspeaker system is an upgraded product of the DMX CLA-XI series portable active performance system that has been widely recognized by the market for many years. It is an enhanced product of the DLA active system. The development idea is that the system size is more compact and the system application is more convenient. , stronger fluidity, greater power, and the performance of the system effect will be further improved on the basis of the DMX CLA-XI series! The ELA series active line array speaker system adopts a number of DMX’s latest patented technologies. The maximum sound pressure and the widest frequency response can be achieved in a 10-inch unit with a system depth of 20 cm. Both full-range and subwoofers are fully Adopting independent active design, the system combination is more flexible and convenient, the patented design of the no-bolt suspension part, the installation and disassembly of the system are more convenient and fast, the full-range speaker is added with the unique patented electric angle adjustment technology in the industry, and can be controlled by DSP software Adjusting the system parameters and the vertical angle of the system can make it more convenient and precise to adjust the projection angle during system setup. ELA ultra-thin active line array speaker system is a comprehensive embodiment of the most advanced DMX technology!

10-inch active two-way ultra-thin line array speaker

ELA-10A line array loudspeaker, with a depth of only 20 cm, adopts full neodymium magnetic Italian custom unit, and achieves maximum performance within 10 inches: the 10-inch neodymium magnetic driver loaded by the low-frequency horn is a high-performance speaker with extremely low distortion and Delivering previously unattainable performance, the tweeter is powered by two 1.75-inch neodymium drivers with a peak power handling capability of 400W.

The integrated active DSP separates the LF and HF channels with extremely low distortion and is independent of the output level, thus, it offers uncompromised operational reliability for mobile applications. Our commitment to mechanical levels is also highlighted by the industry’s innovative system vertical angle electric adjustment technology, which is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and can be adjusted by remote control at a vertical angle of 0.1°.

The system power amplifiers are available in various configurations with different crossover frequencies. Together with the ELA-18A powered subwoofer and flexible installation and transport accessories, it can be installed and transported in a variety of practical configurations quickly and easily to the greatest extent.

Design application scenarios include support operation of 1 ELA-18A active subwoofer and 2 ELA-10A active ultra-thin full-range line arrays, 2 ELA-18A active subwoofers and 4 ELA-10A active The stacking operation of the ultra-thin full-range line array, and the hoisting use of up to 12 ELA-10A active ultra-thin full-range line arrays and the use of a random number of ELA-18A active subwoofers.


Speaker model: ELA-10A
Unit configuration: LF Components: 1x 10-inch, asymmetrical, low-distortion neodymium driver,Bass with Phase Correction Compression Technology HF components: 2x 1.75″, ultra-low distortion neodymium drivers
Radiation angle (hxv): 130 x 15 degrees
Magnet System: Neodymium boron drivers for both LF and HF
Unit power rating: LF: 400 W (AES) / 1600 W (peak)
HF: 100W (AES) / 400W (Peak)
Sensitivity: 109 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Maximum sound pressure: 139dB (peak)
Frequency range: 60 Hz – 20 kHz on system amplifier
Crossover: DSP processing, very low distortion
Impedance: 8 ohms (active), driven by two-channel 600W+200W power amplifier modules
Connections: Power socket: 2 sockets (in/out) 2 RS485 remote control,
1 USB control, 1 set of audio signal balanced input and output,
LED display, 1 manual vertical angle adjustment knob from 0° to 8°, 1 set of local control buttons.
Aluminum integrated three-point hitch, angled from 0 to 8 degrees in steps of 0.5 degrees
Front network power supply, signal status display
2 ergonomic handles
Color: Black (other colors are available upon request)
Dimensions (mm): 540x 274 x 208 (W × H × D)
Net weight (kg): 14.4



18 inch active subwoofer

The ELA-18A 18-inch active subwoofer is extremely compact.

The ELA-18A is a direct-firing, flyable subwoofer with independent active DSP and drivers. The compact bass reflex system is equipped with an 18-inch neodymium-iron-boron cone driver that, thanks to its linear tuning, produces ultra-low frequencies down to below 35 Hz. Multiple stacks are possible, and the symmetrically arranged port holes ensure optimal coupling between systems.

On the DSP, the ELA-18A is ready for a variety of different configurations with different crossover frequencies, including cardioid control modes. Practice-oriented setup of omnidirectional and cardioid drive ensures safe operation and linear transmission performance. In multi-stacked cardioid mode, the ELA-18A subwoofers feature controllable directivity with excellent post-fading.

The ELA-18A powered subwoofer is future-proof in every respect, acoustically, mechanically and in terms of power handling capabilities.


Speaker model: ELA-18A
Driver Configuration: 1 x 18″, 460mm, Neodymium driver
Unit power rating: 1200 W (AES) / 4800 (peak),
Single channel 1800W power amplifier module driver
Sensitivity: 96 dB (1 W / 1 m)
SPL peak: 138 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Frequency range: 30-150 Hz (built-in DSP control)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Accessories: 4 handles, rubber feet and grooves
Optional: hoisting accessories
Connections: Power socket: 2 sockets (in/out) 2 RS485 remote control,
1 USB control, 1 set of audio signal balance input and output, LED display, 1 set of local control buttons.
Color: Black (other colors are available upon request)
Dimensions (mm): 544x 700 x 793mm (W × H × D)
Net weight (kg): 56.5