【DXP Series】Professional Power Amplifier

DXP Series power amplifiers are ideal for combining reliable quality performance with optimum economy. DMX’s design team uses more than ten years of professional power amplifier development experience to design the DXP series, which has a stylish appearance, sufficient power, sweet sound quality, reliable quality, and super high cost performance.

There are five models in the DXP Series of amplifiers that provide the proper power required for most popular loudspeakers used in entertainment venues and speech reinforcement.
DXP-3 power amplifier output music program power per channel is 300 watts/8 ohms, DXP-5 is 500 watts/8 ohms, and DXP-7 can reach 700 watts/8 ohms, all three models are suitable for 4 ohms or 8 ohms Load, DXP3/DXP5/DX7 uses Class H amplifier circuit design, which is developed based on the basic upgrade of DMX MP series amplifiers. DXP-9 power amplifier output music program power per channel is 900 watts/8 ohms, DXP-12 is 1200 watts/8 ohms, both models use TD class amplifier circuit design, almost the same size and weight as class H power amplifiers It can provide more than 2 times sufficient power under certain conditions, and the power usage efficiency is as high as 90%. It can meet the load of 2 ohms, 4 ohms or 8 ohms. It is the most popular high-power speakers (including line array speakers and subwoofers). Best matching power amplifier.

The five models of DXP series power amplifiers all use high-redundancy ring power transformers to ensure the reliability of their working performance, and are equipped with variable-speed fans to cool the power amplifiers from front to back. The cold air flows through the cooling fins and goes directly to the rear of the chassis, so as to ensure effective cooling and ensure that dust does not accumulate on the PCB, so that in wet weather, it will not be damaged by short circuit caused by condensation of water vapor into water droplets. The front panel is equipped with two precise level control knobs, a power switch and eight LED indicators to show the gain, clipping, power supply and fault conditions of each channel. The rear panel includes two balanced XLR inputs and two balanced XLR LINK outputs. The output terminals are professional Speakon® sockets and binding posts commonly used in fixed installations. The professional design of DMX DXP series can make the output power switch from low power to high power within one millionth of a second, ensuring that the output power is always output accurately according to the needs of music programs, and there is no additional loss. The internal protection circuit design of the power amplifier includes output current limitation, DC protection, overheat protection and short circuit protection, etc. All these functions are designed with high-quality materials, ensuring that the DXP series has unprecedented quality, performance and longevity of DMX power amplifiers.

Product model: DXP-3 / DXP-5 / DXP-7 / DXP-9 / DXP-12
8 ohm mode      300W   500W     700W    900W    1200W
4 ohm mode      450W   800w     1050W  1800W   2400W
8 bridge mode   600W   1400W   2200W 1800W   2400W
4 ohm bridge     900W   2000w   2700w   2700w   3500W
Frequency Response Range:  20Hz-20kHz+3/-0dB
Phase Delay+/_0.1degrees from 10Hz to 20kHz at 1 watt
Channel Separation>50dB
Intermodulation Distortion≤0.01% Rated Power@8Ω
Harmonic Distortion (THD) ≤0.01% Rated Power@8Ω 1kHZ
Impedance >500@1kHz/8 ohms
Conversion rate 36v/μs (Stereo)
Input impedance 10K/20K ohms, unbalanced or balanced
Dimensions (W×D×H) 483x415x89 (mm ) 483x452x89 (mm)
Power supply ~220V 50/60Hz ~220V 50/60Hz ~220V 50/60Hz ~220V 50/60Hz ~220V 50/60Hz
Weight 17.1kg / 20.7kg /21.7kg /23.5kg / 26kg