【DXK Series】Professional Power Amplifier

DMX has launched a brand new DXK series power amplifier, which is specially developed for mass-market KTV supporting applications. It has outstanding performance. In order to meet better karaoke effects, it adopts a unique voltage conversion circuit, selects high-quality electronic components, and is specially tuned for karaoke timbre, making the sound quality more transparent and natural. The DXK series adopts switching power supply and the latest class D amplifier circuit design, allowing more current to be used to generate effective audio power, thus creating the high efficiency and low loss of the DXK series, and doing a good job in improving work efficiency and reducing distortion. A bold attempt was made, and the actual effect is very satisfactory. DXK series has working modes such as bridge connection, parallel connection and stereo, which can provide excellent sound quality and power selection for different occasions. DXK series power amplifiers have very small harmonic distortion (THD), intermodulation distortion (SMPTE-IM), transient intermodulation distortion and other functions, and the natural sound quality can be fully interpreted. The advanced and perfect protection circuit ensures the DC protection of the speaker and can work easily in various harsh environments.

Product number             DXK-300              DXK-500          DXK-700
8 ohm mode                   2X300W              2X500W           2X700W
4 ohm mode                   2X450W              2X750W           2X1200W
8 ohm bridge mode        950W                  1500W              —
Dimensions (W×D×H)    483x235x89mm 483x235x89mm 483x235x89mm
Weight (kg)                     5.8                     6.2                      6.9
1. Generally mass-market KTVs do not have the conditions to provide a large area for equipment installation. While ensuring sufficient power output, the DXK series power amplifier adopts the shortest possible volume design to help the owner save more operating space.
2. Stylish appearance design, exquisite workmanship, reliable quality, and extremely high cost performance;
3. The extremely low working calorific value design and the high-efficiency variable speed cooling system ensure super working stability.
4. The unique voltage conversion circuit makes the sound quality cleaner, transparent and natural;
5. The first choice for professional KTV.