【DXI Series】Professional Switching Power Amplifier

DXI series switching power amplifiers are developed using the latest DMX technology, with a standard height of 2U, an average weight of 16kg, and a stereo standard output of up to 1500W/8Ω, which shows that it is the top in every aspect. No expense spared materials and ultra-high-efficiency switching power supply design reduce the overall weight of the power amplifier, without any impact on the audio signal, under various load impedance conditions, whether it is high impedance or low impedance, the power amplifier can provide power to the speaker system. The best match, the inverted suspension line installation design is specially designed for touring performances, it can adapt to various harsh working environments, can withstand the bumps of long-distance transportation, and withstand a wide range of temperature changes and humid working environments. Extremely high power output requires an efficient heat dissipation system design. DMX’s unique comb-shaped copper radiator design effectively solves the heat dissipation problem.

Product number DXI-600    DXI-800    DXI-1200
8 ohm mode      600W×2    800W×2    1200W×2
4 ohm mode      800W×2    1150W×2  1650W×2
8 ohm bridge    1200W       2300W      2500W
Input sensitivity 1.4V/32dB/26dB
Input connector XLR3 BALANCED
Output connector Neutrik Speakon
Switch mode Stereo/Bridge/Parallel
Power supply 198V/242V AC50Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 483x455x89mm
Weight (kg)      19.7kg       20.1kg        22.2kg