DLA series active line array speaker system is the research and development goal of a new generation of products, which is more compact in size, more convenient in application, stronger in power. The maximum sound pressure and widest frequency response can be achieved in a 10 inch woofer with a depth of 20 cm. With the design of active power amplifier module integrated on the speaker, the system combination is more flexible and convenient, and the system installation is more convenient The disassembly is more convenient and fast.
DLA-10A line array , only 20cm depth, adopts all neodymium customized woofer , and can achieve the maximum performance within the 10 inch neodymium woofer with low frequency is a high performance loudspeaker with extremely low distortion, and the high frequency is loaded with two 1.75 inch neodymium drivers with 400W peak power processing capacity.



Transducer:10″(250 mm) neodymium woofer  2×1.75″(44mm) ferrite driver
Frequency Response:60Hz-20kHz(+/-3dB)
Rated Power RMS:400W(AES)
Maximum SPL:134dB
Nominal Impedance:8Ω
Dispersion Angle: 130°X 15°
Connection:2x Speakon NL4
Accessory:3sets of professional angle-adjustable hanging rack
Dimensions(mm):540× 274× 208(W × H × D)
Net Weight(kg):13.3


Transducer:18″(460 mm) neodymium woofer,
Frequency Response:30Hz-150Hz
Rated Power RMS:1200W(AES)
Maximum SPL:135dB
Nominal Impedance:8Ω
Amplifier Module:600W+600W+1600W(8Ω),2-input and 4-output with DSP,FIR
Amplifier Input Connection:2sets XLR in/out , 1set RS485 in/out , USB
Connection:2x Speakon NL4
Accessory:Height-adjustable pole, cable,waterproof cover bag, pulley
Dimensions(mm):544×700×793(W × H × D)
Net Weight(kg):59.1

The matched DLA-18A active speaker adopts the latest box design, with higher efficiency. The matched three channel power amplifier module increases the output power to 600W + 600W + 1600W. The built-in DSP has the latest fir function in the industry. The system has excellent system phase performance, flexible installation and transportation accessories, which can realize the installation and transportation of a variety of practical configurations quickly and easily to the greatest extent.