【DK3000】Professional DSP Effecter

 This product is a digital karaoke effect device with speaker professional processor function, which perfectly integrates a six-channel professional audio digital processor and DSP digital effect device. Each functional module can be independently debugged, and has a corresponding PC debugging control interface. Simple and intuitive, easy to operate, with higher cost performance.

1. Adopt 24-bit high-performance DSP and AD/DA conversion processing, wide frequency, large dynamic, 48KHz sampling frequency.
2. High-quality professional singing effect, complete audio processing functions, full digital parameter adjustment, manual control and adjustment on the front panel, intuitive LCD display, faster and more convenient operation.
3. The automatic analog frequency shifting design has an acoustic feedback suppression function, which can effectively suppress howling while keeping the tone intact.
4. Three stereo audio inputs: BGM, AUX, VOD, five microphone inputs, two stereo audio auxiliary outputs: RECO, PRE, six main audio outputs: LEFT, RIGHT, SL, SR, CEN, SUB. (left and right main output, left and right surround auxiliary output, center output, subwoofer output)
5. Function modules such as music, microphone, effect, center, surround, and subwoofer can be independently debugged.
6. Six kinds of singing effects preset by the manufacturer, and six kinds of self-storage effects, which can be called directly, convenient and quick, and the initial data of the whole machine can be set.
7. S terminal VOD system external input port, wireless infrared remote control.

Technical indicators
Music part
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): greater than 95db (straight through)
Distortion (THD): 0.01% 20HZ—20KHZ
Input sensitivity/impedance: 0707V/4K7
Maximum output: 8Vpp/60ohm Balanced output
EQ part: EQ (1- 7 segments): 20HZ — 20KHZ (±12db, step ±0.1db)
Three audio inputs: – –+3db
One audio auxiliary output: 4Vpp/60ohm balanced output
One main channel auxiliary output: 4Vpp/60ohm balanced output
Output Sensitivity/Impedance: 1Vpp/750ohm

Distortion (THD): 0.07% 20HZ — 250HZ
Frequency Response: 20HZ — 250HZ ±0.5db
MIC part (five MIC inputs)
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): greater than 80db (effect on)
distortion (THD): 0.04% 50HZ -16KHZ (effect off)
frequency response: 50HZ — 16KHZ
input sensitivity/impedance: -32db /4700 ohm
EQ (1-10 segments): 20HZ — 20KHZ (±12db, step distance ±0.1db)
Center output sensitivity/impedance: 0.707V/47kohm
surround/impedance: 0.707V/—10kohm
USB interface
Power supply: AC200V—240V/50HZ
Fuse: T1A/250VAC
Power consumption: 10W